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The little one

What was originally the home of some decks, prone to gathering dust from time to time has expanded into a full studio set up.


Outside of the open embrace of analogue with vinyl looming large, also have succumed to modernisation with the digital DJ elements managed by TRAKTOR and a couple fo spanking controllers (X1 and Mixtrack Pro).


Production wise, sequenced by Reason and then literally 1000's of samples from life music and all else to build the basis of the tracks. Percussion comes by way of a TD4, and the depth from a gaggle on synths.


Never enough toys for that 130 to 140 bpm breakbeat platinum

Back at home

Still prone to occasional burst of turntabalism. Can never seem to satisfy the old need for vinyl to hand madness - Traktor Pro Scratch or not!


Radio Show

Gigs Gigs Gigs

THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE, I have been off circuit with a fudged spine, but soon...


Coming this Summer:


Warning - July 27th 2013

DrumTrapStepBass - August 2nd 2013

The Edge - August 10th 2013

Hot to Trot Reunion - Ibiza August 24-28

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