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Name: Si Matthews
Location: Hotel/Motel/Holiday Inn 


DJ'd with commercial enthusiasm since 1992 under the names Dj Huskey, Twins of Skins, HooB, and cotterell. Highlights include residencies at The Wag, Sound, Cafe de Paris, Atlantis Bar, and for OPI at events all over the world. Was a founding partner behind the commercially successful underground events NEMESIS and again later with Scoobski and Husk. Most recently working with promotions by Back II the Oldskool and Rewind on reunion hyper gigs for mass capacity venues. Now also producing under the name cotterell under distribution

Name: Dave Ruddle
Location: Between the grooves

Playing on the 1s and 2s since 1992, at many locations around the South of England, and many more further afield.  Had the pleasure of DJing at NEMESIS events with Si, as well as the Cafe de Paris, summers in Ibiza, winters in Colorado, and more recently VJing at corporate events.  My roots are 70s and 80s soul/disco and I have many influences from 90s hip hop, hardcore and many forms of house.  In short, my music is varied and covers many spectrums. Where it goes no one knows. Now producing and remixing for Cotterell Music.


Radio Show

Gigs Gigs Gigs

THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE, I have been off circuit with a fudged spine, but soon...


Coming this Summer:


Warning - July 27th 2013

DrumTrapStepBass - August 2nd 2013

The Edge - August 10th 2013

Hot to Trot Reunion - Ibiza August 24-28

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